Consider this a University Course in Strength Training and the Iron Game

Dear Friend,

How would you like to have a guarantee that you could achieve any level of strength or fitness that you could possibly want?

Believe it or not, you can!

You see, there are a number of secrets to building incredible strength. These aren’t the secrets revealed in TV infomercials trying to sell you the latest piece of crap. No these are timeless principles that work anywhere at anytime. Most are common sense but as they say, that’s not always so common.

Almost everything has already been discovered and recorded on how anyone, and I do mean anyone, can attain the strength and health they desire. Take the following as an example.

“When I was only six months of age, my mother let me fall from her lap in an effort to save my sister from being severely scalded, Unfortunately — or was it fortunately — I was the victim, and when they picked me up I was bleeding.

“In the fall I had injured my abdomen upon one of the into ornaments that decorate open fireplaces. From then on it was a battle for life. Being so young nothing had matured, and certain internal organs were crippled and continued to remain in the injured condition. Nothing helped me. My life was a perpetual round of visits to physicians who did the best they could. As I grew in bodily size, my condition became more serious. Operation after operation was suggested, and I survived three. To this day, my memory visualizes the agonies of a bed of pain. I laid as though crucified with my hands, head and feet strapped down, and a cage over my body so that no clothing could touch my tortured flesh. I survived my last operation at the age of eight, and I can well remember how the tears filled my mother’s eyes, as the doctor told her that nothing more could be done for me, and it was only a matter of time. Mother must realize that it was impossible for me to ever attain the age of fifteen..

“How this prediction failed of fulfillment is told in the fact that at the age of fifteen I commenced my professional athletic career, and two years before that I had won gymnastic honors. From then on it was a march over obstacles, even though I knew my path was still to be beset with many disappointments. I knew the answer. There remained no riddle in the sands for me. I knew that exercise was the great re-builder, and with my feet firmly set on the first step I began the climb.”

This is the story of George Jowett’s early life. He went on to become one of the world’s strongest men and a great historian of physical culture. This is from his book ‘The Key to Might and Muscle’ written in 1926.

He is not the only one who figured out how to become a robust superman. There were many from years before and years after. Men like Arthur Saxon, Eugene Sandow, George Hackenshmidt, Thomas Inch, Earle Liederman, Alexander Zass and many, many more.

All of these men and plenty of others of the same caliber wrote books on their meteoric rise to fame as some of the world’s strongest men.

And these books are readily available to you. Why should you listen to the advice of men that died many years ago? Here’s just a few reasons.

* Many of their records still stand like Arthur Saxon’s 370 lb. Bent Press. Obviously they were doing something right.
* Science has come far in many respects but the fundamentals of strength training have not changed one iota in over a century’s time.
* These men build up their strength without any of today’s wonder supplements or any pharmaceutical enhancement.

In this book club we’ll be diving into one book each month. I’ll write articles about the material found inside and we’ll begin a discussion of the points, exercises and techniques found within each volume.

Your Admission to this Book Club…FREE

That’s right. As a subscriber to this site you won’t have to pay a dime for this. Many of these books can be found available for free online. If you choose you can read them there.

Or I’ve partnered up with a republisher to get these manuals in your hands physically for a nominal fee. I know I vastly prefer reading from a real book then staring at a computer screen.

There’s two ways to do that.

Want to get all 12 books for this year in one package right now? You can get additional savings and extra bonuses too. Read more by clicking here.

Or you can buy the books one at a time as each month rolls around.

Help Spread the Word

The more people we have participating in the book club the better it will be. Help spread the word via Facebook and Twitter. And if you have your own blog or website and want to post articles on the topic of each book, be sure to link here or any of the other book club pages, and I’ll link to you as well.

January: Thomas Inch On Strength

February: Maxalding by Monte Saldo

March: The Way to Live by George Hackenschmidt

April: System of Physical Culture by Eugene Sandow

May: Vitality Supreme by Bernarr MacFadden

June: Secrets of Strength by Earle Liederman

July: Muscle Building by Earle Liederman

August: The Amazing Samson by Alexander Zass

September: Goerner the Mighty by Edgar Mueller

October: Lessons in Wrestling and Physical Culture

November: The Strongest Man That Ever Lived (Louis Cyr) by George F. Jowett

December: The Key to Might and Muscle by George F. Jowett


  1. Hi Logan, Congrats for this great. I like so much old time training and also have a blog about it (in Spanish). Cheers Guillermo

  2. Logan.

    I think it’s awesome that you put this book club together. I’ve bcome very interested in the methods and training of some if the old time strongmen recently, and I visit your website frequently.

    You’re one of the strongest guys I’ve ever seen of any weight class and you can do things that most gym rats, and so called strong guys that are twice your size couldn’t even attempt to do. You’re a big inspiration to me as well as many others who follow you and your work.

    Keep up the great work!


  3. I read, and re-read, and clicked on all the links that I could find, and still cannot figure out how to sign up for this ‘book club’. Please point me in the right direction… Thanks.

  4. Good Morning: I am looking for a book about ” The Battle Of The Systems” and particularly “The Swedish System” which did not use apparatus or barbells. The book must use charts for progressive increase in repitition without barbells or equipment. The book must work every body part to
    a Mr. America degree of physical fitness. In hoping you know of such a system please tell me at [email protected]

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