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Broken Arm Kettlebell Snatch

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There is a man that has has suffered from a broken arm from a kettlebell snatch. If you google it you’ll see a few reports about it, all from the same guy (who unfortunately shares a name with me.) I do not actually know this person. Apparently he is from Scotland.

Even on one website I got in a “discussion” with this guy as he attacked my kettlebell juggling. He said it was dangerous and was going to get someone killed and it was irresponsible for me to promote it. I’ll get to that soon.

Kettlebell SnatchHe says his form was perfect yet somehow the kettlebell broke his arm when he did one rep that was no different from any other. Since this is the only case I have ever heard of this happening, I can only assume it was a freak accident, he didn’t have as good of form as he said, his bones happened to be weak for whatever reason, or a combination of these and possible other factors.

Having done thousands or reps in the kettlebell snatch myself, and knowing many others that have as well, I see no danger in doing the exercise properly (besides some ripped callouses but that can be easily avoided).

I did hurt myself once in a kettlebell snatch. It was with the Beast and I lowered it out of control and hurt my back slightly as it was too much to be put in the circuit like I did. That was many years ago and I look at that as a learning experience.

I have never hurt myself kettlebell juggling. Not once. Sure, I’ve come close, but reaction time is part of the fun 🙂 Anyone that takes up kettlebell juggling should assume the risks involved, and I do frequently point them out and what you need to do to be safe.

Kettlebell can hurt you if you don’t use them properly. They can even hurt you if you do use them properly, but don’t listen to your body. Just like with any weighted exercise, and bodyweight stuff too, there are multiple chances for injury.

But done properly I would say there is virtually zero worry of breaking your arm doing kettlebell snatches.


  1. Some people put their backs out tying their shoelaces, so you should wear slip on shoes?
    Staying in bed too long can give you bed sores so you should only take 2 hour naps just in case?
    If you cross the street there is a chance you could get run over, so you should drive everywhere because its safer?

    Anyway, my point is, you can get hurt doing any number of things, perhaps this guy did genuinely break his arm snatching and did have good form and no health condition… its unlikely, but even so it shouldn’t mean you stop doing something unless you personally have a problem whilst doing it.

    1. @Kris Wragg: That was actually something I mentioned to this guy when he was attacking me. There is danger in everything so we should avoid everything right?

  2. HAHA! This shit made me laugh hard! I truly find this very entertaining & Bullshit at the same time! Like you already said before Logan, He is probably one of the FEW, IF not the ONLY person in the whole damn world who has broken his arm while doing a Kettlebell Snatch… This is just freaking ridiculous! Because just like you, I’ve done thousands of Kettlebell Snatch reps as well & am a Snatch Test practicioner like crazy! As a matter of fact, the way WE BOTH have done Snacthes in the 300+ Snatch Test that we did in 10 Minutes with the 24KG Kettlebell, should have more easily made us prone to injury & should have made it easier to break both of our arms while NOT locking out any of those reps & at that speed & force output!

    It’s funny shit what we’ve got over here, this clown from Scotland says he broke his Arm with a Kettlebell Snatch (LOL!), and then he says & tries to convince YOU (and the rest of us probably too) that it’s too dangerous & risky to Snatch a Kettlebell the way we BOTH have done it and the way I STILL am doing it? Get the f*ck outta here… gimme a break dude!

    This is just too stupid to be even taking seriously, this bafoon that shares the same name with you (which is bad luck on your side Logan, I’m sorry for you over here!)… just wants attention it seems PLUS he probably has a VERY VERY BAD & SHitty diet, sleep quality & quantity & OVERALL Shitty & Very bad Lifestyle… because IF he lived Healthy & on the cutting-edge of the Nutritional aspects, then he would NEVER have broken his arms, taking into consideration HOW Heavy (or light) the Kettlebell that he broke his freaking arm with must have been… something to think about over here…

    And since I DON’T have time & neither do I care to even take a look at his reports on how he broke his arm from doing Kettlebell SNatches (Boofuckinghoohoo!)… neither will I pay any attention to this clown whatsoever in the future after this comment, but I wonder HOW Heavy the Kettlebell must have been in that time when he broke his measily arm… what, are we talking SUPER DUPER heavy like 90KG? The Ader Kettlebells that are too big to even be Snatched by most people (even Andrew Durniat, Valery Fedorenko, Fedor Fuglev & Ivan Denisov), or are we talking simply a light weight like a 24KG, or 32KG? Because it’s just too freaking ridiculous & idiotic that he broke his arm from a 24KG or a 32KG kettlebell while doing a Snatch with it… it’s just too damn light to break a arm, and let’s not forget that he had “Perfect technique” when he broke his arm, HAHA!

    Anyway man, I’ve already wasted enuff time on this clown, besides, I don’t like people that seek attention by breaking their measily sissy arm from a Kettlebell Snatch & then go attack & bother YOU with it AND on top of all of their bafoonery & bullshit, they blame you (and probably ME too after he reads this) of teaching & selling + promnoting Kettlebell Juggling to the people out there!

    Well, whoopdy-fucking-do moron, Logan will STILL sell Kettlebell Juggling, Promote it & TEACH it to other people out there as well, and there’s is A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y NOTHING you can do to stop him (or ME for that matter!)… As a matter of fact – and get this you broken arm with kettlebell snatch dude – Logan Christopher is coming out with a Brand NEW Kettlebell Juggling product this year, it’s called Kettlebell Juggling 2.0! But I guess that you’ll have MORE to hate, bitch & complain about when that comes out, so he’ll probably do you a favor in the longrun! lucky fucking you ha… Have a good day Mr. “I Broke my arm with a Kettlebell SNatch & now I want Logan to STOP teaching people to do Kettlebell Juggling”

    Marzel Out! Salute!

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