Broken Finger?

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It was just over a week ago. I was doing single arm kettlebell presses. But I wasn’t just using one kettlebell. I was using two in one hand to increase the difficulty.

Everything was going great until the last rep of my last set.

I can’t tell you exactly what happened except I lost control at the top, both kettlebells came down and my fingers got smashed between the handles.

Haven’t felt that kind of pain in some time.

The end of the ring finger on my right hand swelled up and turned black and blue. I thought it was possibly broken at the time but now I think it’ll be all right.

And that brings me to two lessons.

First, be careful. Injuries do occur when lifting and exercising. Almost always its because of neglect or stupidity. Neglecting to keep correct and safe form. Using weights you really shouldn’t be handling (trying to show off or prove something among your buddies). Mostly just getting sloppy when you should be laser focused.

In this case when I lost control I should have just ditched the weights and moved away instead of trying to regain control. Never fight a falling weight!

And if you’re doing certain lifts or feats of strength realize the potential for injury may be increased. Just be aware of the facts if you choose to take certain risks.

This in no way means you shouldn’t lift or exercise. People get injured all the time from doing next to nothing. Be smart and safe and you can train completely injury free.

Sometimes you just need a reminder. Hopefully reading this serves you well so that you don’t have to crush your finger to get back on track.

And secondly, when you do have an injury, train around it. Do not take it as an excuse to layoff completely (of course if its really bad you should do just that). But with a minor injury to any part of the body you can still train other areas.

I was back training the next day. Have hit plenty of PR’s since then. Although some of my hand training had to be cut out I’m still going at it hard.

This doesn’t mean you should be stupid and not let the injury heal. But nothing can stop you when you are on the right track.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

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