This page is an index for doing a wide variety of Feats of Strength, that is using human strength to overcome gravity and objects in ways that most cannot, even up to seemingly super human levels.

Ever since I got into doing feats of strength I wanted to create a resource for people to look at and to gain ideas from that covers all of them. That’s why I created this page. Ever since I read The Mighty Atom’s biography I’ve been hooked and show no signs of stopping.

BEWARE: Once you get started in feats of strength, there’s really no turning back.

Each feat of strength listed here links to another page that describes it in more detail, how to do it, and includes one or more videos that may show more on how to do it, or demonstrate the strength and skillĀ at a high level.

Want to become a Strongman and do feats like these? Check out the 4 DVD set I did with Bud Jeffries titled Feats of Strength: How to Train and Perform Like an Oldtime Strongman. This video, containing clips from this course, shows you many of the strength feats found above.

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If you have ideas for feats of strength that aren’t listed in this index but should be please drop me an email at [email protected]