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8 Reasons to do Feats of Strength

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As you well know I’ve just released my newest project, which is a joint DVD course, with Bud Jeffries.

Feats of Strength: How to Train and Perform Like an Oldtime Strongman.

(Right now you can get it for a cheap price, but this is only for a couple more days.)

So today I wanted to dive into the reasons why you should train to do feats of strength. But let’s be honest here. If you have no interest in this subject these will not change your mind.

More likely if you are someone that this fits, then you already KNOW that is something that you want to, or rather HAVE to do. If this is the case then read on, but definitely pick up the set today so you can get started on your path.

1 – Strengthen your whole body

Feats of strength strengthen your entire body. Even the ones that don’t appear to be full body at first glance tend to still generate power in many of the major muscle groups. And there are other feats that are obviously full body in nature. There is nothing quite like pitting your body against steel and seeing who comes out the victor. Not only will you be stronger with the training, but also in long bending for instance, you’ll improve your endurance too.

2 – Strengthen your hands and wrists

Many of the common feats of strength are centered on the hands, like phonebook or card tearing and short bending. Why is this? Especially in this day and age, although a person may have big or even strong muscles, they lack strength in their hands and wrists. So when they try many feats they are bound to fail. That full body power they might have can’t get transferred through the weak links that are their hands.

To be strong all over, and to do feats of strength, you must have strong hands. There is no doubt about it. And by doing feats you’ll further develop your strength to great levels. The hands can move in so many different ways that you’ll always find new ways to challenge them. Many feats offer unique grips that aren’t often trained except in those specific ways.

3 – Amaze your family, friends and any crowd

People love to see feats of strength. As we talk about in the DVD’s what feats of strength are is a method to make a clear communication of strength with the crowd. The average person doesn’t understand how much strength it takes to lift a heavy weight. But you bend a nail and they go wow. You tear a phonebook in two in 5 seconds and they’ll forever think of you as superhumanly strong. With feats of strength you can get the interest of people that don’t workout at all.

wrestlers bridge concrete break

Amazing the crowd…and the press!

4 – Make money off of it

And by this means you can also turn it into a profitable hobby or business. Once you can do a number of feats of strength you can turn it into a show. Then you go out and get paid for doing just that. Performing at events, churches, businesses, birthday parties or just downtown on your street corner. You may get paid directly for your performance (and the accompanying message with it). Or you can use your feats in ways to get paid indirectly like I have for a lot of promotional purposes. The choice is yours once you become a strongman with the power to amaze.

5 – Become known as a strongman

This is a side benefit that comes about when you start performing. Often your first shows don’t make you money but they give you practice, developing your skills, showmanship and confidence. Still to all the people who see this you’ll will become known as the local strongman. Watch out though, you will suddenly be ‘volunteered’ to help out for moving services often. “Oh that’s heavy. Have Logan do it. He can probably lift it with one finger or just using his hair.”

6 – Impress women

Many displays of authority tends to be helpful in attracting a woman. Performing on stage is no different. I’m not saying once you can bend a wrench into a U all you’re woman troubles will vanish. When I showed my girlfriend a few feats for the first time she was impressed. She also says she thought I was crazy but I know the truth. 🙂

Unfortunately, I don’t think this works the opposite way. For a woman to bend steel bars it would tend to emasculate her would be suitors, unless they enjoy doing the same thing. In that case it might be a turn on.

7 – Its fun

This may be the greatest reason of all. I always tell people that when it comes to exercise they have to find something that they enjoy. That I too wouldn’t exercise if it meant I had to spend an hour each day running on the hamster wheel, excuse me, treadmill. There are so many options available for being active and building strength and health.

Feats of strength just happens to be one of the things that is most fun, at least to me. Part of it is the destruction. Part of it is the challenge. Part of it can’t be easily explained. If you bend a nail for the first time and too you its like having your first child then you’re hooked and will be for life. If you don’t have that much fun, I say too bad for you.

Torn Cards and Phonebooks, Bent Steel

Destruction is Fun!

8 – Join a relatively small group of exclusive people

Strongmanism is not hugely popular. While everyone enjoys feats of strength, few people are even aware they exist. There is a very small number of performing strongmen out there. That means that when you get out there its not too hard to rise to the top. (It’s not like running out to Hollywood to become an actor.)

And just about all the strongmen are really nice people that will be happy to help you on your way up. When you enter into the oldtime strongman world you join this exclusive group and get to help spread the message, encouraging others to do the same thing.

That’s everything for now. I’m sure there are other benefits, and if you think of any, please post them below.

And most importantly, if you want to experience all the benefits for yourself then pick up Feats of Strength: How to Train and Perform Like an Oldtime Strongman to get started right away.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

P.S. Our introductory offer on Feats of Strength goes away after Wednesday so be sure to grab it now.


  1. hei man,

    self confidence* is something im sure feats of strengthwill give the guy who’s doing them..because you’re applying that strength to “real-world” situations. an example, i remember the first time i did a two handed ‘vault’ as a teen. it was exhilirating!!

    btw do you also specialise in chain breaking??


  2. Great post Logan. I particularly enjoyed the feats of strength reason number 6 for impressing women. Even though she may say she thinks it’s crazy, she still thinks it’s cool! Great blog my friend.

  3. strongman ethics show that what the heart is set upon (feats of guts and blood and glory) the body could act upon with eyes closed. its all a matter of pure faith in urself and ur abilities. never back off from reality. that cold hard metal feels real in ur hands and every rep and set counts since it builds ur rep and makes you go from wet to set. grrr…have some aggro and just do it and break the records. testosterone and the smell of male achievement come from taking and accepting challenges. by golly u oughtta one day be able to up ur mass and lift a whole car, bus, jet airplane and space shuttle.

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