Another Great Free Running Video

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Here’s another great free running video. This one has some high quality footage with good camera angles. It looks like many of these were shot for commercials and perhaps some movies too.

The action starts after about 30 seconds. Also a little more than a minute in you’ll notice stunts being done at a gymnastic center. It seems that many of the top people do much of their practice there. It makes sense. Allows you to practice harder tricks in a safer environment and one in which you can setup exactly what you need.

I especially like the feat at 1:48. Jumping and sticking in a handstand position. Also again at 2:39

Again if you want to get started learning Parkour and many of these skills yourself I recommend you check out the Parkour Crash Course put out by the Tapp brothers.

Good Luck and Good Free Running,
Logan Christopher

P.S. If you know of any great videos I should check out either enter them in the comments below or shoot me an email. Thanks!


  1. My dad showed me this site because I taught myself how to do a backflip on the ground. I’ve learned how to do handstands very well and have actually been doing parkour training myself. Amazing video. I have some parkour videos on youtube if anyone wants to see them

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