Feats Of Strength

Feats of Strength is Live

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At long last its here. A collaborative project with Bud Jeffries.

Feats of Strength: How to Train and Perform Like an Oldtime Strongman

Feats Of Strength

This is the most complete instruction on feats of strength, training for them, and performing shows that is available.

And we’ve got a special deal for you to kick it off.

If you want to become ridiculously strong…

If you want every group and function you go to refer to you as the local strongman…

If you want to put on shows for fame or fortune…

Then this is where you should start.

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Logan Christopher


  1. Good evening. Excuse me for disturbing you. I found your site by chance while surfing the internet. I’m very passionate about strength tests. My dream is to break the original playing cards in two, the hard ones, to break the wooden planks with the sole strength of my hands, the big steel keys, the screwdrivers, the big horseshoes, the telephone directories, the tennis balls, the frying pans, the big screws, and the big short objects, both long and large. Can you help me? Ship your books and videos all over the world?

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