304 Kettlebell Snatches

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I have to share this with you. This is Matti Marzel doing 304 snatches with the 24kg kettlebell in 10 minutes and multiple hand switches.

Yes, these are not completely locked out snatches as I believe is necessary to maintain this pace. That doesn’t make it any less of an amazing test of endurance, speed and mental toughness. Anyone that gets in the ‘300’ club has some phenomenal wind power.

Earlier this year Matti contacted me and said he had a goal to beat 300 snatches. He worked on it, got help from someone who had done it before, worked on it more and accomplished his goal.


Matti has his own website, well worth checking out. It’s called Ferocious Strength.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

P.S. If snatching kettlebells is your goal then I recommend you pick up Kettlebell Snatch Domination. The name says it all.


  1. Good job, Matti

    Now, do it right and count how many you could do. I bet it’s gonna be around 150-170 reps…

    Do not take it seriously or get offended, i just don’t see any sense in doing kettlebells the way you do

    All the best

  2. I won’t lie, doing snatches is tough however I feel that form is good and in this case it is a waste. However, to continuously move that much weight in that amount of time for that many reps is insane and thus I give you props for it. Heck of a workout both cardio wise and Stemina, now do that with good form and I will be even more amazed.

  3. haha sasha you crack me up man… your fucking funny for real… I can do 250-270 snatches WITH COMPLETE LOCKOUT with the 24kg in 10 minutes… I’ll post a video of it soon.. so you can see my form there, but even then you’ll probably got something bad to say about it… anyway how many can you do in 10 minutes with the 24kg ha?

  4. Matti,

    That is some serious work. I got 170 snatches in 10 min with the 24kg bell on the first try, using RKC form (complete elbow lockout + arm is behind the ear + arm is vertical) which is not much, and I’m certainly not very proud of it, but I just wanted to get that info out so that you can see I’m not just trolling around. This was half a year ago, but I haven’t tried it since.

    I would love to see a video of the 250 reps with proper form. Also, can you do the video from the side? That way it’s easier to judge the proper form. This site records the best SSST scores, and they require a side video.

    Don’t take it the wrong way, but 250 proper snatches would be way more impressive. Form is there for a reason, so that we can compare achievements.

    Good luck!

  5. FUCK YOU James… Why don’t you try this out sometimes & then tell (or show me) how well you did on this… I bet you can’t even come close… anyway I already wasted my time rite now talking to you…

  6. Can I do swings and call them snatches as many of yours come up to shoulder height – as I can do 320 to 340 single arm swings in 10 minutes. Will this beat your record? Just need to know what the rules are before I post my vid and claim a new record. Obviously the less the bell has to move the more I can get done in 10 minutes. So my question is when is a snatch not a snatch and when does a swing become a snatch? Please advise.

    1. @Jon: When I did the test I got the kettlebell overhead on every rep. It may not have been a complete lockout, but it was overhead.

    2. Listen up man… Same here with me, I got every rep overhead as well, yeah I gotta admit though… sometimes I cut the reps a little short, but nontheless they were ALWAYS overhead… Just watch the WHOLE Snatch test video through & You’ll see that I’m right! btw… did you watch the WHOLE video even once?

      Good for you man, I can do 380-400 single arms swings with the 24kg kettlebell in 10 minutes (multiple hand switches)

      for real man, If Logan didn’t agree with me that those were Snatches, he woulnd’t have put this video up on this website… I’m pretty sure about that!

      Yo Logan, What do you think? Are those Non-fixated snatches or swings like Jon says?


  7. hahah… your a funny mofo man… We BOTH DIDN’T do ANY high pulls swings whatsoever… we BOTH did snatches (NON-fixated)… swinging a kettlebell high doesn’t make it a Snatch dude… know the difference

  8. Matti:

    What’s with the abusive replies? I’m just trying to establish how they should be done to qualify.

    Mine will be pulls not swings, so the kettelebell at it’s highest point will be just above my head height with arm bent – just like yours.

    Best wishes

  9. Ok man… we’ll see! This should be good! Btw, I snatched LOW ONLY a few times, I admit that yeah… but the REST of my Snatches were WAY above the head, go check the video & you’ll see what that I’m right!

    Best wishes to you too pal!

    Come JOIN the 300+ club! I welcome you!

  10. Hi Matti:

    I agree and I also agree that form is not important for conditioning -just blast them out. It’s about getting the numbers whether they snatch low or sometimes higher. I once showed a vid on youtube with me doing 300 push ups non stop and got abuse from people saying they were not proper push ups just half ones – took so much abuse I deleted the vid. They all count because it’s about numbers not the form which they don’t seem to understand.

    At least I know I can get support from you guys.

    Looking forward to getting into the 300+ club with the top kettlebell snatch guys like you and Logan.

    Best wishes Matti!

  11. Yo Jon…

    It’s funny man, In the beginning when you I read you’re first post I though (my mistake) that you were AGAINST me for NOT snatching with “perfect form” & for cutting the reps a lil’ too short sometimes… I just assumed that you were yet anotha hater (TOO MANY OUT THERE!) that was critisizing my form/technique & lockout/fixation…

    & when you said that you could do it also (still waiting on that video to come bro!), I thought that you were saying: with “uncorrect form & non fixation snathces” I can do it too, easy peasy… Wich I already heard & read from TOO MANY idiots & wanabees out there

    Let’s be honest over here man, that’s Fucking BUllshit!! I believe that there are other people out there that can do it TOO! But nontheless, its NOT Easy AT ALL! This is SUPER MENTALLY TOUGH Training! & that’s exactly why I like it! This is my kinda thing you know!

    Yeah man, it’s Freaking AWESOME over here at the TOP of the Mountain with the other 3 people who did it! (John Brookfield, Valery Fedorenko, Logan Christopher & ME!)

    I feel like a BILLION Bucks over here in the exclusive 300+ club! haha

    So come join my friend! we need a TOP 5!

    Thanks for the best wishes & good luck to you too!

  12. btw man… you can look this up if you want to… but Ivan Denisov said: that there’s is NO 1 specific Style/technique in Kettlebell Lifting… When someone like Denisov says that… I believe him!

  13. Hi Matti:

    It’s a bit like my half push-ups – they are much harder than the full push ups (with lock out) – the full push ups allow you to rest in the lock out. Just like the snatch with the full lock out – it’s easier. These haters do not understand that and they are wrong; just ignore them Matti.

    Peace bro!

  14. LOL at all these RKC-type guys hating on the “form”… I have to agree with guys like Adam Glass on this type of thing: if you’re not in a competition or a certification, who’s to say what’s “correct” form and what isn’t? The RKC guys also like to ignore the fact that a lot of GS people hate on the RKC, because according to them “that’s not how it’s done”, “that’s not correct form” – these comments from the GS crowd are just as trollish and stupid as all the RKC guys getting butt-hurt over videos like these. Taken out of the context of YOUR ORGANIZATION, your ideas on form are mostly irrelevant. “If you don’t do it like we do, then don’t call it a snatch”… what a bunch of wankers.

    1. @Anthony: Thanks for sharing the video. That is a great achievement but it doesn’t have to exclude mine. Though I will concede on the pretty part without debate.

    2. @Anthony: HAHA! You cracked me up man… true that is a GREAT achievement & same over here it DOESN’T Have to Exclude mine neither… I agree though… No comment on the prettier part, that’s irrelevant to the subject discust over here… Although I must say I’m extremely good looking LOL!

  15. btw I have done 188 snatches with the 24kg – with only 1 hand switch (GS Style) 2 days ago… just to see how FAR I could go with it… the TRUTH of the matter is I almost NEVER train GS Style Snatching/Jerking or Long cycles.. Nothing against GS Style… it takes tremendous Grip Endurance to go for 10 minutes with only 1 hand switch & I do those tests from time to time..

    I just like the multiple hand switches BETTER because I can go FASTER & Harder in those 10 minutes TEST times, I am pretty sure it’s the same with Logan over here… hence why I DIDN’T lockout any of the reps in my 304 Snatches in 10 minutes with the 24kg… It’s especially for speed & conditioning purposes… So I DON’T Want my Grip strength to be the limited factor when I go ALL OUT you understand what I’m saying man?

    As a matter of fact I haven’t focused on GS Style Kettlebell Lifting in my training period EVER… But I’m planning on putting in the time to become GREAT in it! I am planning on putting BIG numbers with the GS Style kettlebell lifts… & that BEFORE I’ll EVER consider about competing on a International level… whadda ya say about that ha?!

  16. haha funny shit man, I thought I re-visit this post from last year when I did the 304 Snatches with the 24KG Kettlebell in 10 Minutes & saw that NOBODY has answered me back since my last message over here… funny, I’m about to break this 304 Record very soon, once my hands are healed & I’m (once again) healed & recovered from being overtrained in a major way! Watch out for that soon everybody… it’s gonna be EPIC! Guarenfuckinteed! 100%!

    Also, and I want your opinion on this as well Logan, but WHERE the hell is Jon with his “I’ll do high-pulls/swings & call them Snatches & I’ll do it very soon before the end of this year (2011)… blablabla… he didn’t do anything yet… figures, I had the feeling he was just another talker & wanabee, instead of a doer & LEGIT dude who can actually DO it in REALITY, NOT on the freaking Xbox or Playstation…

    Anyway, I had to laugh hard today about this shit… I had the last word on this matter & I’ll KEEP having the last word on this matter… Just let me know what YOU think of this as well Logan, will Jon do it this year or at ALL? and what about you personally with the 301 Snatches that you did? You got any shit & hate about that lately? believe it or not, I STILL get hate about it from haters all over the world… go figure!

  17. Also, just to let everyone over here that’s reading this know… You GOTTA have Legendary AND Ferocious Strength to be able to pull off a Feat of Strength like this! That is, breaking the 300+ Snatches in 10 Minutes with the 24KG Kettlebell… wether it’s WITH or WITHOUT Complete Lockout, you gotta have Legendary & Ferocious STrength to being able to pull this shit off! Period! Hands down!

    I’m curious to see what you’re going to do with the 300+ Snatches in 10 Minutes with the 24KG Logan? Curious in the sense if you’re planning to break that record (your own that is) or leaving it at that… I know you have other MAJOR Goals this year as well (As I have as well!)… So I thought I just ask you…

    1. Author

      @Matti: Can’t speak for the other guy. Probably hasn’t done it, but maybe he did it in silence.

      I don’t plan to work on the 24kg in this manner anymore. Tired of the controversy. I will do more with the 32kg or with GS style single hand switches though in the future.

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