Bending metal in its various types is one of the ultimate feats of strength. Its just man against steel, literally. Either you win and you bend the metal as you wish or it wins and stays in its normal shape.

Below you can find out more about several of the different methods of metal bending.

All of the following are full body exercises with an emphasis on the hands and grip. Since the hands are the last point of contact with the object they have to be able to translate power from the rest of the body. For most the hands will be the weak link and then nothing will bend.

Short Bending – This is generally for metal 7 or 8 inches in length and less, with somewhere around 6 inches being typical.

nail bending

Braced Bending – For metal generally in the 10 to 12 inch range, you brace it against your body to help the bend.

Braced Bending

Long Bending – This is with metal objects longer than just in braced bending, but not so long that you’re doing scrolling. Typically a few feet in length.

Noah Jeffries Long  Bend

Scrolling – This involves loops and shapes made with a longer piece of steel. A single scroll can take hours and hours.


Horseshoes – Bending horseshoes has been around ever since horseshoes were invented. A special type of braced bending.

Bent Horseshoe

Rolling Frying Pans – A more modern feat, pioneered by Dennis Rogers, means taking a frying pan and turning it into a hot-dog cooker.

Rolled Frying Pan

You can specialize in just one type of metal bending, but it is good to gain some experience and at least try them all.

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