Rolling frying pans, was a feat of strength invented by professional strongman, Dennis Rogers. In order to use items that everyday people would be familiar with he went to the garage and the kitchen. Here he is doing so, making it tight enough in size to fit into a water bottle.

Using a tight grip the frying pan is rolled from one edge in a downward manner until the entire pan is rolled up into a cylinder shape.

Having a strong grip and strong wrists makes this possible. Notice that I said the pans are rolled up not just bent. Just by placing your weight on some pans you can get them to bow in the middle but rolling them up is a different matter altogether.

Often times several pans of different sizes are taken and rolled up one within the other. Here’s a video featuring the Iron Tamer, David Whitley rolling up three frying pans in one.

As with most feats of strength the quality between pans varies greatly. Some are so cheap and flimsy that this wouldn’t qualify as a feat of strength at all. Other’s are so tough that I don’t think the strongest people ever will be able to do them (such as cast iron pans). Generally this is going to involve Teflon stainless steel pans. On that note, it also is a bit more expensive then most feats of strength.

Rolled Frying Pan

My first ever rolled frying pan.

After finding a few cheap pans at a flea market I found I was able to do it on my first try, but haven’t gotten enough pans to regularly do it.

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