Scrolling is the act of taking a large piece of metal and making several bends in it to complete the feat. These lengths of steel can vary in length from just a couple feet to many yards. The shapes of the finished objects can also be dramatically different and your imagination is the limit.

scrolled rebar

Some scrolled rebar

Not only does this feat require tremendous hand strength and the entire body to work together but it can be a great conditioning exercise as well as you fight to move fast.

John Brookfield once rolled a 20 foot by 1/2-inch diameter steel bar into a small coil capable of fitting into a small suitcase in just 29 seconds. He started which has since been taken over by Dan Cenidoza which you can watch in this video.

Despite that the title of world’s best scroller goes to Erik Vining. His pieces are works of art as you can see here.

Erik Vining's Scrollwork

Erik Vining's Scrollwork

Check out the DVD Basic Scrolling. This has Dennis Rogers and Erik Vining showing you everything you need to learn to get started scrolling.

More bends = harder
Thicker steel = harder
Tighter bends = harder

Scrolling takes incredible whole body strength as well as endurance. To put multiple bends into thick steel will take time. These master works often take hours of effort.

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