Short bending is one of the easier bending feats to get started with. The classic strongman act always involved bending one or more 60D (called 60-‘penny’) nails. When you get to this level you are on your way.

Nails for Bending

Of course, that is just the beginning. My personal best bend is with a Grade 8 Bolt, as seen below.

There are several ways you can grip a nail to bend it. The three most common are double overhand, double underhand, and reverse styles (the latter is the one I prefer and show in the video above).

Below you’ll see Jedd Johnson bending the Red Nail, which is a challenge nail put out by Ironmind that few people in the world can do.

This video discusses how to get started bending nails:

Here are five steps covered in this video:

1) Building a foundation of strength to ready yourself for bending (especially by using sledgehammers)

2) Getting wraps

3) Buying nails and steel stock

4) The 3 main styles of bending, how to do them, and why you should train all three in the beginning.

5) Additional resources:
Bending Ebook from Jedd Johnson
Bending DVD also from Jedd
Feats of Strength DVD Set by me and Bud Jeffries

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