Short bending is one of the easier bending feats to get started with. The classic strongman act always involved bending one or more 60D (called 60-‘penny’) nails. When you get to this level you are on your way.

Nails for Bending

Of course, that is just the beginning. My personal best bend is with a Grade 8 Bolt, as seen below.

There are several ways you can grip a nail to bend it. The three most common are double overhand, double underhand, and reverse styles (the latter is the one I prefer and show in the video above).

Below you’ll see Jedd Johnson bending the Red Nail, which is a challenge nail put out by Ironmind that few people in the world can do.

This video discusses how to get started bending nails:

Here are five steps covered in this video:

1) Building a foundation of strength to ready yourself for bending (especially by using sledgehammers)

2) Getting wraps

3) Buying nails and steel stock

One of the easiest places to get started with this, since it is all about progression, is Nails and bolts are great but the jumps between them can make training difficult. The levels available here make it super easy to get started.

4) The 3 main styles of bending, how to do them, and why you should train all three in the beginning.

5) Additional resources:
Bending Ebook from Jedd Johnson
Feats of Strength DVD Set by me and Bud Jeffries

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