Can bursting is the feat of strength where you blow up a can of soda or beer with your hands.

Be warned that this can be a dangerous stunt. Often gloves are used or some sort of towel in case sharp edges from the can get opened up. Nothing would be worse than to get sliced open by aluminum while doing so.

And at the very least it is quite messy so be sure to do it outside and not in your nicest clothes. Also beware that different cans will be different strengths to burst, as in almost all feats of strength.

Here is Chris Rider blowing up a number of cans by squeezing them between his hands and leg.

Here is Hugh Burrows squeezing the cans between the legs. This is probably the easiest version. Also note that he shakes up the can in order to increase the internal pressure, which should also make it easier to do.

And here is probably the hardest method (of the methods that people actually do can bursting in). The can is held at the chest and squeezed in with just the hands to burst it.

Can bursting is a fun, albeit messy, feat of strength. Its not likely something you’ll do regularly in training, but instead a way you can showcase the strength you have developed.

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