Chains are used to hold things together. So when you break one apart by sheer strength in makes for a great feat of strength.

There are a variety of ways to do chain breaking feats. Common ones include chest expansion as pictured here by oldtime strongman Pierre Gasnier. A similar one is to break the chain over the flexed upper arm.

Pierre Gasnier Chain Breaking

Pierre Gasnier prepares to burst a chain with chest expansion

Others include pulling the chain apart in the hands or in some sort of a deadlift movement with the chain attached to the ground as you’ll see in the video below. Of course there are many other ways this feat could be performed with a little imagination.

These feats are usually done with single jack chain. A good starting point would be #10 jack chain. And for the truly superhuman you could probably work down to #6.

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  3. Hey I know you said a #10 would be a great starting point but chris rider said in an article a #10 is a respectable feat what do you think is it strong or superhuman to break a #10 steel jack chain because I’m getting ready to attempt a #10 and I wanna know

    1. Author

      Chris Rider has more experience than I do in this, so he’s likely right. I may have gotten some poor information.

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