Hand balancing is much more than just a trick. While the regular handstand does not require much in the way of strength, more advanced moves like the presses and planche require tons of it, not just in the arms and shoulders, but the abs, back and even legs.

Many old-time strongmen were also avid hand balancers like Otto Arco, Sig Klein, and even Doug Hepburn, who was not your typical hand balancer’s size. Hand balancing contributes to learning how to control the body as well as build strength. Plus its an impressive skill in its own right.

This video shows you a few possible moves, many of which require tremendous strength and skill.

Look no further than a professional performing in a circus to see the amazing strength hand balancing takes.

You can get started with basic skills like the handstand then progress to more difficult skills like presses or the planche. If you want to learn more visit my other site www.LostArtOfHandBalancing.com.

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