Not quite as many moves are available in barbell juggling as in kettlebell juggling, but there is still a wide variety of moves.

The simplest of the barbell juggling moves just involve releasing and catching the bar. Such as a switch hands snatch. Or clean the barbell only to catch it in the crooks of the elbows then throwing it up and catching it in a snatch.

There are also many spins that can be done. Twirling the bar like you would a stick is not easy but it can be done. Sending the weight spinning around the body is also sure to amaze. This video shows my first ever attempts at barbell juggling.

Different size barbells can be used. The classic Olympic barbell will be difficult because of its length giving you disadvantageous leverage especially on the spinning moves. For starters practice without weight and when you do add on plates makes sure the collars are tightly secured.

The best I’ve seen at this rare feat is Andrew Durniat which you can see in the video after a little kettlebell juggling.

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  1. Hi Logan.
    Give some barbell tossing/throwing a try; horizontal and vertical.
    You can even bench press plyometric, if you dare to perform it alone!
    Better with two spotters, anyway.
    No muscle soreness next day because of no eccentrics or easy ones, but it is a challenging ahead of medicinal balls because of bigger loads used.

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