Driving a nail into a board with a blow of your fist is a classic feat of strength. When you can drive metal through wood with your own power you can do something that most people would never dream of doing.

Human Hammer nail through board

Except a bit of padding for the hand all you need is a nail, a board and a stable place to set that board.

When trying this feat, its important to line up your shot straight. Drive the nail straight down and not at an angle. Also be sure to really unload on it. Don’t hold back!
Here’s a quick example.

This isn’t a feat that I have practiced a lot with. So I give you the master, Dennis Rogers (and the guy I learned this from). Using the balloon and the demonstration subject adds to the visual performance of this feat.

The main form of progression will be using thicker boards or bigger nails. Furthermore, you can make this feat tougher by using more than just boards of wood, such as phonebooks and license plates. Chris Rider demonstrates using a frying pan.

Learn more about how to do this feat inside of Feats of Strength: How to Train and Perform Train like an Oldtime Strongman.

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