Many feats of strength involve parts of the body that are normally thought of as weak or fragile. When you can display strength here you must be strong. In this feat of strength article we feature neck strength.

In fact, it is that element of danger which helps to make it even more of a performance based feat that can “Wow!” a crowd. This is because when people see these feats they commonly think that you’re going to break your neck.

The truth is the average person probably would, but with years of training the neck can do amazing feats of strength. Plenty of old timers engaged in these feats, including probably the most well known, Martin ‘Farmer’ Burns who once took the hangman’s drop and hung for time without harm.

Some great exercises for building neck strength include:

  • Wrestler’s bridge
  • Front bridge
  • Plate lifting
  • Harness lifting
  • Isometrics (self or with a partner)

The wrestler’s bridge is a common exercise used to build neck strength. Taken to the next level it becomes an intense feat of strength. You can read more about why and how I supported over half a tong in this exercise here.

Don’t start with this though! This article covers four more basic bridging exercises you can begin with.

front neck plank

The neck plank is another good test of neck strength.

The man who is known as having “The World’s Strongest Neck” Mike The Machine Bruce lifts 405 lbs with his neck. Like Farmer Burns, he has also hung himself before!

I use to be described as having a “pencil-neck.” Literally, I was called that a couple of times. After I got started doing bridging exercises, I remember running into an old friend who commented that my neck had filled out.

Bridging is my personal favorite, and that’s why I’ve taken it far, but all forms can be good. Be smart when doing this form of training, but don’t neglect it just because there is an element of danger. You too can build incredible neck strength if you’re willing to put in the work.

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