Similar to the hair feats in that most people shy away from them for fear of damage that could be done, feats of strength involving the teeth and jaw are quite impressive. Yet there are a few that take to them.

The Mighty Atom was famous for biting through nails and chains, a feat that seems to defy human physiology.

Mighty Atom Chain Biting

Others have lifted large weights in their mouths like Alexander Zass demonstrates with a steel girder here.

Even though Alexander Zass is best known for bending bars and support lifts, his jaw and teeth were incredible strong as well.

Years back I met Greg Matonick, who has since passed away. He created some of his own feats. I watched this man casually bend a series of quarters in his mouth over lunch one day. And below you can see him bending a horseshoe using that jaw power.

Teeth horseshoe bend

Greg Matonick bending a horseshoe in his teeth

Here is Strongman Steve setting a world record for lifting 220 lbs. 50 times in one minute.

And from 1948, Bobby David does some of the most exceptional teeth lifts I’ve ever seen.

If you choose to engage in these please be careful. Sometimes the teeth do not hold up and then expensive and painful dental work is required!

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