First Steps in Kettlebell Juggling

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Check out my newest post on Breaking Muscle about Kettlebell Juggling. Find out how to get started with it, why most people avoid doing it and much more.

How to Get Started with Kettlebell Juggling

KB Juggling Over Shoulder

Kettlebell juggling is an unconventional method of training. Although kettlebells have gained in popularity over the past decade, most people are unfamiliar with this particular style of training. First off, kettlebell juggling doesn’t actually involve juggling kettlebells in the same way that you would juggle balls, clubs, or chainsaws. Instead, to juggle a kettlebell involves releasing and catching the kettlebell with all manner of spins and flips around the body.

When it comes to the kettlebell, most of the great benefits come from doing ballistic exercises. The kettlebell doesn’t offer a unique benefit when you’re doing a press or a squat, as compared to using a dumbbell or barbell. There are some differences, but in these exercises the differences are minor. Part of the benefit a lot of people experience with kettlebells is simply because they start training with more whole-body exercises, rather than the isolation exercises commonly done in most commercial gyms.

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