The frogstand press is a pressup into the handstand from a frogstand position. It was the first handstand press I ever learned how to do. The video shows a few examples although some of them are a bit sloppy. The form could be better.

Place your hands on the ground slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Your index fingers should be pointing forward. Now get into the knees on elbows stand. From here you tip your upper body forward, raising the legs off the knees. They extend overhead and you push up into the handstand. You have to keep your upper body frozen in place as your legs move. And if you open up to early you’ll fall out in an under balance.

As shown in the video here the press will take tremendous shoulder and arm strength. If you do the press with less bent arms it will take less, although as I’ve said before, more flexibility. Find what works best for you, and in the end you want to be able to do it in any manner.

You can vary the move using more or less arm bend. In general the more arm bend you have the more strength you’ll require in the arms and shoulders. In this move you have to support your full bodyweight until you press up. That means a static hold while your legs and body moves around.

If you’ve got the strength it’s a great move to do. Give the frog stand press a try.

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