An Excerpt from
The True Art and Science of Hand Balancing

Suppose we “loosen up” by doing an ordinary hand balance. Now, while remaining balanced, allow the feet to shift ahead, and the shoulders back, until you are in the half-moon position.

Remain balanced, press the fingers a little harder and start your feet coming back; as they come back reach forward with the shoulders and return to original position.

Do not stop here, but ease the feet farther back, and the shoulders farther forward, until you get to a position–still balanced–as far backward as you have the strength to hold your weight. Keep the arms straight.

Then pause a moment, ease up the fingers, reach farther out with the shoulders and start yourself forward again; let the feet over, and pull the shoulders back, until you reach center, once more.

Practice this frequently for control and development of strength as well; also make certain that you can tell when in correct position, by the “feel” of the balance. When you get this far, you are ready to go to town.

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