How Far Can Kettlebell Juggling Go?

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As you know I’ve been hard at work at kettlebell juggling in my own training lately. People look at me and can’t believe some of the skills I pull off (and I thank them for their complements). Still I believe there is even further to go with kettlebell juggling. Sure, some of the tricks I’ve pulled off are great put there are some others that have some skills that make my jaw drop.

Check out this video entitled James Bond Kettlebell Juggling with Viacheslav Borisov.

There are several things amazing about this one.

1) It’s an over three minute flow without a single drop
2) And the whole time he is doing some very tricky skills like double and triple flips and not just basic ones to the front.
2) He’s doing it in a suit! (this probably doesn’t make it any harder but it looks cool and you have to enjoy the James Bond theme)

Unfortunately this video doesn’t state the weight of this bell. I would wager it’s a 16kg but I’m really not sure of it.

Now here is another amazing kettlebell juggling video. Here the weight is explicitly stated at 36kg or 79 lbs.

And you can see Serg Derevenets pull off some amazing moves like double and triple overhead flips and spins with this heavy weight. Even though these moves aren’t all strung together like in the previous one, a single move like these is quite amazing. Plus you get to see a few misses which is always fun. No matter how good you are if you push the boundaries you will drop it.

As far as I’ve gone by watching these two athletes makes me want to do much more. As you can tell by their names they’re not from the US. Likely these two having lots of experience in kettlebells (probably competing in Girevoy Sport at one time or currently) and possibly doing these things on a professional basis.

Still if you want to get started you can grab free kettlebell juggling training videos here.


  1. Hi Logan,

    I really enjoyed these two videos. Thanks for promoting kettlebell juggling. Some things I have discovered about it are that it is working my fingers very hard. My fingers; hand, and forearm are being trained and I have not felt this kind of direct effect before in any other training I have been involved in. Also heavy front and reverse flips require power. I have never trained power before and I am loving this.

    The videos above are excellent.

    Also wanted to comment on your podcast regarding your training injury. Professionals get injured. They get injured for financial reasons; just as you did. I don’t think this injury means anything at all.

    One last comment. The person who “hoped” you were not injured for life… sounds lame to me. Lot of people about who are simply jealous. Successful people doing what they want in life draw this kind of comment. What is most important is your attitude; not what other people think. Having an injury is not an indictment of your training knowledge; how fast you recover is.

    1. Thanks Anthony. Yeah I haven’t mentioned the fingers too much but that is a big component of the juggling. Sometimes when you don’t catch with your whole hand and you only catch with a finger or two, that can be fun to see whether you pull off the move or drop it.

      I love your last sentence! “Having an injury is not an indictment of your training knowledge; how fast you recover is.”

      1. In regards to fingers; yes, I find that at times you grab with your fingers but I was thinking more about the level 6 drill (frontal swing); the kb handle rests on my fingers. Even with an 8kg bell I feel a strengthening effect.

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