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Kettlebells are an indispensable tool in your workout arsenal. The convenience and the sheer variety of movements you can do with a set of kettlebells makes them great for strength and conditioning. You use multiple body parts with every movement, and if you keep the rest periods low so the heart rate is constantly elevated, it makes for a great endurance workout. A lot of MMA fighters swear by them. Even if you’re not specifically training for endurance, it’s never a bad thing to include in your workout. You’ll need endurance no matter what age you are.¬†Here’s one great kettlebell endurance workout I found:



Wow! That’s all I can say about this video. Talk about inspirational. That man is in his 60s and doing a workout that I know some people in their 20s couldn’t do! The lists of exercises consists of:

  • Double Cleans
  • Double Swings
  • “Racked Get Down/Get up
  • Twist and Press Complex
  • Double High Pull
  • Double Snatch
  • Alternating Cleans
  • Deep Racked Squats and Press
  • Under-the-Thigh Pass
  • Twisting Angle Snatch
  • Bent Angle Pass
  • Bow Stance Clean/Rear Lunge Press
  • Kettlebell Slasher
  • Overhead Swing Lunge

Some of the names of the movements might be a little confusing if you’re used to them being called something different, but you’ll just have to watch the video to find out. For example, the “Twisting Angle Snatch” is really just more of a reverse fly variation. He keeps the rep range around the 12-14 area, which is great for endurance. Using lower weight and a higher reps helps to keep the rest periods as short as possible.

Here are some key points:

  1. His form is great for his age.
  2. He says in the description that he is using short rest periods. Great!
  3. He’s using a lot of different movements so it adds a lot of variety.
  4. He’s using full squats, wow.
  5. Did I mention he’s in his 60s?

Wouldn’t we all want to be that fit in our 60s? I don’t think anyone has an excuse not to workout after watching that video.

Here’s one more kettlebell endurance workout by the same user:


Jatae Jeter is a fitness trainer located on the central coast of California. After dropping 120lbs, she specialized in training for fat loss for several years before making it a passion to pursue more holistic approaches to improving health and physical/mental performance.


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    no one has posted on these videos. I thought the guy was great. I have seen his videos before. What is not to like? A guy out in nature pursuing a passion.

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