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Kettlebell Snatch Test Variations for All Around Fitness

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I put up a new post at Breaking Muscle about different versions of the kettlebell snatch test.

3 Ways to Vary The Kettlebell Snatch Test for All Around Fitness

Beast Snatch

How I snatch a heavy kettlebell for low reps is different from a light kettlebell from many reps. Why? Because they work better for each! Can you change your technique to suit your goal or do you have one “style”?

The kettlebell snatch is fairly technical, but not nearly as much as the Olympic lifting counterpart. If you know how to swing a kettlebell, then the snatch is all built off of that foundation. But this article is not so much about how to do the kettlebell snatch but what to do with it.

Specifically, I’m going to talk about the kettlebell snatch test and the possible versions you could incorporate into your training.

There are many variations on this test, but they typically use a single kettlebell and just this one exercise, done for a certain time period or number of reps. In Pavel Tsatsouline’s book Enter the Kettlebell, what he calls the Rite of Passage requires men to snatch a 24kg kettlebell 200 times in ten minutes.

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