More Advanced Kettlebell Juggling Skills

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I’ve been tearing it up outside with the kettlebell lately. Doing a lot with heavy weights, with double kettlebells and improving what I can do all around.

Here are two new moves I’ve come up with.

Double Trouble

It’s a double kettlebell juggling move with a hammer flip up to a bottoms up catch. This is done on both sides.

Be very careful trying this move as it is dangerous, and its far from easy. In fact, my hands got a little beat up just working on this one. It took many attempts just to land the one.

London Bridge is Falling Down

I have to give credit to my friend Tyler for giving me the idea on this one.

It combines a one arm back bend, or falling into a bridge on one arm, with the kettlebell. From the bridge position then you twist out and do a side flip. This was followed by a few random moves. Very advanced combination of kettlebell juggling and bridging exercises.

The Definitive Guide to Kettlebell Juggling 2.0 should be coming in October. In the mean time you can still grab the first set. There’s just a few copies left.

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