On Kettlebell Snatch Form

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I have to laugh. This form stuff is so funny.

I understand the snatch better than most people out there. I understand that form must be compromised to go this fast. Others do not understand this.


But I don’t teach the snatch the way I show it in the video except to people that are capable of going this fast, which is few and far between. (Actually the majority of the form is the same its just the lockout in question.)

If you haven’t seen the 301 video yet click here.

I also have great form when working with a heavier bell. Why? Because I can’t go as fast (except about 1-2 minute sprints – after that I have to slow down). Opps, I just gave you a hint about part of my training method. 😉

The vast majority of comments are overwhelmingly positive. Thank you everyone who sent those in. I even had people calling me up to say they were amazed and to talk in disbelief about the haters.


But I wanted to share some of the hate-mail.

“i want to opt out of the videos.
while i think that your 300 snatches was a feat of strength and endurance, i do not think your form was acceptable, so i am opting out.
but great job on finishing them!”

So you acknowledge that I can do something almost no one else can do but it doesn’t meet your high standards.

You should opt out because there is absolutely nothing you can learn from me…

…if you close your mind off to anything outside your vaulted paradigm.

In fact, I had two people, who I like and admire, retract their endorsements of me for this very reason. Its an amazing feat but we can’t support your form.

“you need to do full reps for any of us to count it–this video is pointless”

Would you have been happy if I slowed myself down to 270 and had complete lockout? Even then you probably would complain.

I guess the truth is I’ve outgrown the 24kg kettlebell at least when it comes to a 10 minute snatch test. I have to go heavier because those stupid laws of physics are what’s holding me back.

Alright I can do heavier. Can you come close to this though?

“Go and learn the proper snatch. This isn’t snatch without the lockout on the top. You have no benefits from this kind of… What is this?”

This guy was so perplexed he couldn’t finish his sentence.

I am perplexed on how someone can see this and think there is zero redeeming qualities about doing it. No benefit? Really?

As if I don’t know how to properly snatch. I can snatch hardstyle. I can snatch GS. I can snatch in my style and I can effortlessly switch between the ’styles’ of snatching.

In fact I teach each as there is usefulness in each system or method of snatching. I’m sure I can out snatch the guy who said that in any form (at least with a kettlebell, the barbell snatch is not my thing).

Now some of the funnier and positive comments.

“I don’t think too many people out there in ‘HaterSnatchVille’ can even come close to do what you did.”

“don’t worry about these assholes who think they have a patent on the snatch. That was one hell of a feat.”

“Clearly you know how to snatch and you knew what shortcuts you had to make in order to crack the magic 300.”

“Pay no attention to the internet warriors.”

“It’s way to easy to say “well, yeah, of course he got 301. Look at his form! I could totally do that too if I used form like that.” That’s a bunch of crap.”

“Here’s a quote by Dave Tate. ” If they could, they would; since they can’t, they rant.” What you accomplished was incredible.”

I’m having fun with this and you should be too. Its too bad people infuse exercise with close minded politics and religion and then argue as heatedly about it.

Such is human nature. Such is internet behavior.

If you haven’t seen the 301 video yet click here.

Anyway, I’ll have a new video for you on Monday which gives you much more detail.

In strength,
Logan Christopher


  1. Logan, what these people fail to mention is that your hair is unacceptable as well. We all know samson was nothing without his. Its unfair to those of us with receding hairlines. Also, you need a tan, you’re quite pale, like a foul grub with a ponytail.

    How do I retract my endorsement? I’m very interested in pretending that you did not just perform one of the most badass feats I’ve ever seen. How do I go about it?

  2. No benefit? This guy must live on a planet with different gravity. There are amazing benefits to any form of exercise or joyful movement. I applaud you for taking an exercise that actually feels good and natural, and having fun with it. You rock!

  3. I think (for whatever that’s worth) that doing that many snatches (no matter what form) is freaking awesome.

    All the crap about “proper form” reminds me of my “white belt” days. A damn side kick or round kick with “perfect form” is not what anyone would use in a tournament much less on the street.

    While there is some value in learn “proper form” there is no real reason to stick to it.

    Awesome dude…freaking awesome.

  4. 1st
    awesome display of explosive power and force redirection
    people talk madness about human aggression too, but all the sophistry is worth the hair on a bulls sack when they are spitting teeth, was my foot aligned right? was there enough hip and did I turn my wrist over ? was the buffalo beak attack executed with the appropriate savior faire?

    I put it to every one who said it did not count to do better or the same
    then I will listen to their comments
    collect your teeth and get the f@ck out of my gym

    well done mate
    seriously impressive display

    1. @Dan Cenidoza: I should have expected more of this. Thanks for stopping by Dan.

      @james: Nice visuals!

      @Bill Jones: You must first learn the rules before you can break them. I can do “proper” form. Can they do what I’ve done?

      @Mary B.: Some people get to stuck in a box.

      @Josh hanagarne: Admit it Josh you’re jealous of my hair. But I do agree on the tan. Well, summer is coming.

  5. It’s sad that people are giving you a hard time for that. I mean come on. A ten minute snatch test is hard enough and you developed the ability to do a LOT more than most who perform this feat. The snatch is still performed extremely well just faster. Good job with all of your feats of strength. Your website and info is great.

  6. The people sending you hate mail probably do their Kettlebell Snatches on a Nintendo Wii.

  7. Awesome work, man! Fuck the haters. They all are bunch of loosers. You trained and succeeded. While they were jerking in their socks while their moms were not watching (:

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