Power Up with the Right Shoes

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When it comes to lifting weights, you work on a dozen different things but you rarely ever think about your shoes. However, your shoes can play a big role in how successful you are at making your body stronger or they can be a hindrance to your performance.


Non-Standard Shoes

Many guys don’t worry about what they have on their feet when they go to the workout and often just throw on a pair of tennis shoes or some other gym shoes. This is a mistake because most tennis shoes are made for running and running shoes have a different purpose than you would want for weightlifting. For weight lifting you want a non-standard shoe.

Soften the Impact

The goal of the running shoe is to soften the impact on the body. That’s why most running shoes have such a big layer of fluff padding between the foot and the ground. The goal is to defuse the pressure that the ground places on the foot and the body.

This pressure from the ground, however, is exactly what you want when you are performing movements such as the clean and press, the military press, the squat and even the barbell curl. You want the power of the foot on the ground as that power transfers up through the body. A big wad of rubber and fluff, such as that in most running shoes, defeats the purpose.

Cross Trainer Shoes

The makers of cross training shoes have figured this out and make a shoe that has a flat, hard sole, with minimal padding on the heel area and a hard flat area by the ball of the foot. These shoes are notably better than running shoes for weightlifting performance.

Basketball Shoes

Another great option for your feet is to use basketball shoes. Many basketball shoes have a hard sole area with minimal padding to allow the transfer of power in jumping. This is the same principle needed in lifting heavy weight loads. And you can sometimes pick up a pair of basketball shoes a lot cheaper than cross training shoes. And you don’t always need the newest and hottest shoes on the market, either. You can get a pair of basketball shoes for half price or less than that of cross training shoes.

Spend a few bucks and equip your feet for more powerful lifting right away.

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