Rotational Kettlebell Press

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How to do the Rotational Kettlebell Press properly?

This move actually comes from Girevoy sport competitors, a weight lifting sport with kettlebells. It’s a very efficient movement and unlike hard style kettlebell techniques, you aren’t using your legs or upper body primarily, but a rotating body movement. As you can see in the video above, the kettlebell actually makes a small arching shape as you press it up. While rotating your hips, you’re using the momentum to bring the kettlebell up, while taking care not to launch it too far and risk failing the press altogether.

The main point is to use momentum to perform the press, which is quite useful for endurance and high repetition presses. Of course, you’d want to relax your shoulder and grip as much as possible and use that momentum to get half of power needed to push the kettlebell all the way up. As with most workouts, you’ll need to practice for some time before you get it right and use it efficiently. It will probably feel a bit weird at the first try, but it’s really not much harder than regular military press. The rotational kettlebell press is best done with an open hand and loose grip, which should allow you to relax more and perform better.

It’s very important to use these kind of variations in order to be able to handle more weight. In case you just rely on the regular military press, you won’t be able to perform the same as you would with rotating body movement such as this one, which allows you to handle more weight, achieve more reps etc.

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  1. I could see that rotational press good for fighters. Just that movement with the hips mimics a punch. I just worked on this and then started to use a pivot on my back foot, like when I throw a punch. Lightened the wait a bit, just to get the form down…pretty cool. Don’t know if you showed a press like that…probably have…lol.

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