The Tortoise Doesn’t Have Fat Pants

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The following is a guest article from Ben Teal.

What I needed was a new vision, but my “duh” moment was so overwhelming that I couldn’t see what on earth I was doing wrong. Then something clicked. I was the Hare, and the hare never wins.

There I was in Miami at a business meeting. One by one we were going around the room giving presentations. I sat at the end of the table on purpose. I was hoping that by the time they got to me that they’d be too tired to notice. Notice that since the last time we got together as a group, I’d put on a whopping 35 pounds (That, in and of itself is a long story).

As they came to me, I could feel the dread creeping in and the blood rushing to my face. We talked a little and then one of them looked at me and said, “I say this will love, but you have to get back in shape.”

I wanted to crawl under the table. I knew he was right, but it’s hard to hear out loud.

On the flight home, I decided to embrace the criticism and take that statement as a challenge.

The next day, I hit the ground running. It had been a few months since I worked out hard, but I felt good and I went at it. I didn’t really have a plan, I just went with what felt right (that was my ego getting the best of me). I figured I could lose 35 pounds in one workout.

I was so sore I could barely move for nearly a week after it.

I was the hare. And that wasn’t a good thing.

The hare gets out there and runs with all his might for a short spurt. His efforts might look impressive for a short time, but they are never enough to win the race.

I needed a plan. I needed to become the tortoise.

Luckily, I knew just where to find one. But more about that in a moment.

Slow and Steady Doesn’t Mean Slow

Picture the tortoise, waddling down the path toward the finish line.

The reason the tortoise is so impressive, the reason that he won, wasn’t the slowness of his gait. It was the fact that he had a clear plan. His plan was literally and figuratively step-by-step. He knew that if he took consistent action and executed his plan, he’d win the race. All of his decisions to take one more step brought him closer to his goal.

Contrast that with the hare. He burst out the gate running, but he didn’t have a plan. And his decisions always took him farther away from his goal. He stops along the way and takes a nap. He may have even stopped for a few hamburgers and an order of fries along the way.

We think of the hare as fast. But who crossed the finish line first? The tortoise wasn’t slow at all. He was faster than the hare.

If You’re a Hare, It’s Not Your Fault

How many times have you started a program, lost a lot of weight really quickly, only to gain it all back a few weeks later? It’s happened to a lot of us.

If you pull back the curtain, you’ll see that a lot of these so-called plans are really just identifying (and causing) more problems. They want to tell you all of the reasons you’re fat, but not really offer you a step-by-step solution to fix it.

You sprint ahead. And before you know it, you get sidetracked and the weight comes back. And you’re off, sitting under a tree, reading about another new reason the world is getting fatter.

Lots of problems are identified, but few real, clear, step-by-step solutions are provided.

The ‘powers-that-be’ know that if they can keep pulling you off the path, you’ll never get the body you want and deserve. You’ll never have enough energy to run in the yard or playground with your kids.

You’ll never feel comfortable in your swimsuit on the beach.

But imagine how life would be if you could have all of those things…

Running the Race

Instead of sitting here and telling you about all of the reasons you’re not in the shape you want to be in, I’d rather just tell you how to fix it.

You see, after jumping out of the gate on my second transformation, it clicked.

I pulled out all of my checklists and notes from my first transformation (the one where I dropped over 100 pounds) and dusted them off. Then I systemized it.

And when I took this action plan and followed it, step-by-step, day-by-day, I melted 35 pounds in 90 days. Here’s the thing. I did it with short, Metabolic Mayhem workouts. 20 minutes or less.

I don’t have time for much more, with a desk job doing analytics, a wife, 2 kids and 2 dogs.

And I don’t have time for distractions. And neither do you.

So, if you’re interested in the ultimate done-for-you, day-by-day, step-by-step plan for incinerating maximum fat in minimum time you will check out the Metabolic Mayhem High Definition System here.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention… I took a picture every day during that 35 pound transformation. The results are pretty amazing. You can watch me lose 35 pounds in about 10 seconds in the video on this page.

Get all this…


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