Why You Should Avoid Buying Kettlebells in Stores

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Kettlebells are fun to use, so it’s no wonder the kettlebells found in stores are often taken for a test swing by curious shoppers. Unfortunately, most of these shoppers don’t know the difference in quality between what they’re swinging and what a high-quality kettlebell retailer can provide. A high-quality kettlebell is just as important to a great kettlebell workout as using correct form is. It might be tempting to think of different kettlebells as indistinguishable lumps of cast-iron, however, the kettlebell you choose to use is a very important step in your fitness journey. Having subpar equipment can mean having a subpar experience overall. Your best course of action when purchasing a kettlebell is to go through a kettlebell-specific retailer who will take the time to refine all of the small details that create a fantastic kettlebell.

Retailers who carry kettlebells often don’t have the same quality standards that a kettlebell-specific site or organization does. Kettlebells found in stores may not be weighted evenly, which results in an imbalance that can cause you to compensate and adjust your form ineffectively, especially if you are using double kettlebells. This can potentially increase your risk for injury. Kettlebell swings are dynamic movements engaging the entire body, and the last thing you want is to compensate without intending to and injure yourself. A kettlebell-specific retailer takes the time to make sure every single kettlebell weight is accurate to the label, and the shape is uniform throughout. The retailer also ensures the kettlebells have completely flat bottoms that rest flush on the ground to minimize wobbling and instability.

Risk of injury aside, kettlebells are intended to elevate your performance and be the cornerstone of an incredible fitness experience. If you’re documenting your progress over time as you increase weight and repetitions, it’s crucial to have a clear and specific record of the weights you’re using. Traditional stores don’t verify the weights of the kettlebells they’re selling, and those weights can be off by as much as several pounds. Kettlebell-specific retailers can be trusted to provide accurate accounts of the weights of their kettlebells through individual testing. They also understand the value of finishing their kettlebells in a way that makes them resistant to rust and damage, and compatible with chalk. The black powder coating embraced by kettlebell retailers creates a firm grip that is tailored to intricate, grip-heavy kettlebell movements.

Weightlifters wear the calluses on their palms with pride, but the last thing a kettlebell-user wants is to damage their hands or impact their grip with a poorly made kettlebell. When a kettlebell is cast, a seam is created on the underside of the handle that’s referred to as a “flashing.” The flashing will need to be filed down before the kettlebell goes through the final coating and sealing. The next time you’re at a traditional retailer that sells kettlebells, take a moment to run your hand along the underside of the handle. Odds are, the flashings haven’t been filed down, and you’ll be able to feel a rough seam. This seam can be uncomfortable at best and often aggravating or painful as you begin to work with heavier kettlebells and refine your technique. We recommend buying your kettlebells from a kettlebell-specific retailer who will pay the extra attention to ensure that the flashing is smooth and the grip comfortable. This may seem like a small detail, but having a smooth handle will become increasingly important as you do 20 reps or more with the same rasping imperfection rubbing at your palms.

Kettlebells are intended for dynamic bursts of movement, and accidentally losing your grip in the middle of an intense workout is the last thing you want to happen. Kettlebells are either composed of one solid piece of cast-iron or a base and handle welded together. If the kettlebell is welded together, the construction and weld need to be secure enough that the pieces will not separate during a workout. However, the sturdiness of the kettlebell handle is often glossed over by traditional retailers and the result is thinner handles that have been welded poorly and have the unfiled flashing (discussed in the paragraph above). The kettlebells at Kettlebell Kings are composed of one solid piece of cast-iron, which means you’re in possession of a reliable and safe kettlebell.

High-quality kettlebells shouldn’t chip easily, and their surfaces should be incredibly smooth for easy handling. Store-bought kettlebells are made with cheap paint, and there is a high likelihood they’ve been chipped or dinged by an enthusiastic product-tester. Kettlebell workouts should mean shedding calories and pounds – not shedding pieces of the kettlebell! Online retailers take the time to guarantee the quality of their kettlebells, and each kettlebell comes with a lifetime warranty at no extra cost. You can feel secure that not only is the quality superb, but should an unforeseen issue arise, you’re covered with a repair or replacement of the same high-end kettlebell.

You may be tempted to purchase a kettlebell from a store around the corner due to convenience and cost; it’s easy to imagine that shipping for a kettlebell wouldn’t be cheap (think of the poor mailman lugging that thing around!). However, this is simply not the case. The mission of Kettlebell Kings is to provide you with high-quality kettlebells in the easiest way possible, and that means FREE shipping for all of our kettlebells. Our goal is to give you the most affordable means possible of purchasing a quality kettlebell. Your fitness and health are incredibly important, so we recommend taking the time to purchase the best kettlebells and equipment possible from a reputable online source like Kettlebell Kings.

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