Win the iPad for Kettlebell Juggling

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People have been calling me crazy for a lot that I do. Included in that is allowing people to get access to the new Definitive Guide to Kettlebell Juggling for $1.

There was also the same sentiment when I announced the contest to win an iPad by doing kettlebell juggling. Some people said you won’t be able to get people to do those skills in the short amount of time available.

I mean it is difficult. You have to grab a kettlebell and a camera and do a few flips. Then you have to take all the time in uploading those videos to Youtube. So much work! 🙂

Well, a few people are having fun and looking to win. As of Tuesday morning there are 11 entries from 4 contestants. That means there’s a 1 in 11 chance of winning this iPad so far! Pretty good odds, especially for those with more than one video.

What’s stopping you? Yes more people have plans on entering but will they make it? I’ve extended the deadline to the end of this Friday to get your entries in. The winner will be announced on Saturday.

If you want an free iPad this is your best chance at winning it! Way better odds then any lottery.

Monte Young
Level 1 with 16kg

Level 2 with 16kg

Don Bentley
Level 1 with 16kg

Bryan Quinn
Level 1 with 16kg

Rub Russell

Level 2 with 16kg

Level 2 with 24kg

Level 3 with 24kg

Level 5 with 24kg

Level 1 with 32kg

Ryan Pitts
Level 1 with 16kg

Level 1 with 24kg

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