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I got back from a revolutionary weekend. Here are some of my notes. Now, you can skim these and go about your day. Or you can take some time and try to ’get’ what they are saying. If you do this you will reap the rewards for doing so.

1. Think in terms of association not causation.

2. More associations allow you to get to the right questions faster. Questions inform your experimentation.

3. Testing does not replace out intuition. It informs our intuition.

4. Its ALL movement.

5. You always get better at exactly what you do, including how you do it.

6. Adaptation does not need to be forced or coaxed. In fact, it cannot be stopped.

7. Everything you do is always making you better or worse.

8. Never miss a lift, never learn to fail.

9. Training within your limits is learning you’re limitless.

10. Internally governed, externally guided.

11. Quantity is a function of quality.

12. Superfluous movement is wasted energy.

13. We learn from gross to fine.

14. There are not different parameters for performance or recovery.

15. Integrate as soon as possible. Isolate only if necessary.

16. Asymmetry is evident all over the body.

17. All movements are correctional exercises.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

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