300 Beast Swings

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In working with the kettlebell snatch I got to a point where it was going a little stale. So I decided to shift focus towards a sub-goal that would carry over to that main goal.

Instead of snatches I’d do swings.

More specifically I set a goal to do 300 swings with the beast, a 48kg or 106 lb. kettlebell, in 10 minutes.

Just the other day I accomplished this feat. If you’d like to watch the video here it is.

These aren’t super high swings, just to hip level, which is plenty tough for that volume. More than anything this was a mental toughness workout.

I figured the best way to do this was on an interval, like I plan to do with the snatch test. Every minute I did 30 reps, which left approximately 15 seconds of rest. That ain’t much especially on the last few minutes.

As a side note some of my training leading up to this was to do a set without setting the bell down. My best was 150 reps, with alternating hands.

I also did many swings with two hands instead of one. But this is harder in that your hands get so pumped up and have no time for rest.

Now that I’ve hit this goal, I’m back to focusing on the snatch.


  1. yo Logan,


    Was wondering if you could shed some light on the differences between a 1 hand swing and 2 handed? Have been experimenting w/these lately, but am kinda stumped when it comes to evaluating their effectiveness, honestly.

    Also, most interest stuff rarely differentiates when they mention either one!!

    Thanks in advance for any info 🙂

    1. Good question. First I’ll say all variations are good to play with. Two hands seems quite easier with a heavier weight, but with high reps you’ll get a big pump which can stop you before anything else does. Of course a single hand swing set, without switches, would tax your grip even faster. But alternating single hand swings allows you to go the longest duration. Do you have other specific questions about them?

  2. hi!

    Glad you answered, was wondering where you were, Logan

    Ok. I really wanted to know if single hand swings are SAFE, compared to double handed ones. I feel that single hand ones are better for people who are hamstring dominant due to narrow stance, but may place the shoulder joint at risk. Have you experienced this difficulty with the shoulder & is there a way to prevent it?

    Second, I’m going more for relative power-production than endurance. Noticed lately that kbs have a good carryover to ballistic strength, personally. I mean, they obviously do but in ways I didn’t notice earlier 🙂

    ..do advise when you can, thanx for the info, man

    1. If you want to keep your shoulder safe, ie not letting the kettlebell pull it in a way as to damage it, “keep it in the socket”. If your goal is power than two handed swings will probably let you transmit a bit more of that force. Of course snatches are great too since you need more power to put it overhead.

  3. Alright, your KB snatch-variation post explained that using a heavier bell +/ for less time will up the power factor relative to endurance..

    ..is it true??

  4. hi Logan!!

    sorry, was extremely busy w/life stuff.Am trying out both swing methods to see which one fits best. Takes adjustment to figure out a viable shoulder position, though.

    What do you make of towel swings? Are they beneficial? Tried these with varying degrees of effectiveness. Not many ppl doing them so it’s hard to say.

    Thank you for the answer!

    1. Yes heavier swings can be similar in power input to a snatch. The power it takes to swing a beast to about hip height is roughly equivalent I’d say to snatching a 32kg. Of course with the snatch some different things come into play.

      Towel swings can be useful. Great drill if people are swing with their arms and not the legs. Depending on the thickness of the towel it can become a grip challenge too. But overall I can’t say I use them much.

  5. hi Logan!!

    thank u for the response. u r waaaaay ahead of most of us in this game.

    Didn’t figure out the relative strength comparing heavy snatches to swings. In fact, didn’t cross my mind since training for heavy kb ballistics is new to me 🙂

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