5 Ring Handstand Push-ups

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This video shows a man doing 5 ring handstand push-ups. Can you do this too? I could probably do one or two reps right now if I tried.

The ring handstand pushup takes much more strength then even full range handstand pushups against a wall. Although the straps can be used so you don’t have to balance, the strength it takes to stabilize your body dramatically increases.

Don’t even try this without a solid base of full range handstand pushups, and being use to the rings.

It would also be smart to work the shoulder stand position on the rings at the bottom.


  1. U R just cheating ring handstand pushup with the straps – f..cking easy. just try freehandstand. the form is bad too, your elbows must be near the body (lats)

    1. Author

      Easy…right. Ever think that this could be useful as a progression towards freestanding?

  2. this could be helpful only for crossfit guys (they R just doing as many reps as possible with bad form)
    if someone wants to learn ring HSPU. I suggest You first to learn an unassisted handstand on the floor, then master this on the parallettes and finally progress onto the rings and follow the same order with HSPU.
    Below its great ring hs tutorial – It took me to learn it about 2month and the 3rd month to learn hspu.

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