705 lb. Partial Deadlift

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The other day while training I decided to shoot this video for you of a new personal record in the partial deadlift.

Now you might be wondering what I’m using to do this pull. It’s the Strongergrip Plateau Buster Swing Handle which you can read more about and see another video of here.

I really like doing heavy pulls on this thing, even more so than the barbell (and since my barbell recently broke I don’t have that option until I replace it). I feel this one a bit more in the quads but especially in the upper back.

Considering the last time I max out on this I did 685 and I needed straps for that I’m quite happy. Now all I need to do is buy some more plates so that I can lift more.

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Logan Christopher


  1. Nice work. I just started doing partials and it has really upper my full deadlift strenght. I think because of the grip work, and the mental aspect of having gotten something a lot heavier off the ground. Keep it up.

  2. Hi – I’ve been listening to the archive coaching calls on the Super Human Training site which cover the carry over from heavy deadlift partials to martial arts.

    Would carry over to martial arts be better using the Swing Handle instead of a Barbell (or Trap Bar) for heavy partial deadlifts?

    Or would the differences be fairly marginal, as long as you worked hard using whatever equipment you’ve got?

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