Airborne Lunge Vs Pistol Squats

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What are the differences and similarities between the airborne lunge and the pistol?

Although both of these exercises are one legged squats, with the airborne lunge the leg is behind you, whereas in the pistol the leg is in the front. As I mentioned in the previous video, most people will have some trouble with both of these if their ankles aren’t flexible enough.

Weighted versions of the airborne lunge and the pistol are pretty much done in the same way with a kettlebell or a dumbbell in front of you. The airborne lunge is a slightly easier exercise, both in terms of balancing and flexibility. Since the balancing isn’t that much of an issue, you may have easier time doing high repetition sets and/or use more weight. Nevertheless, both are great exercises and a must if you’re looking to be well-rounded.

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