Bad Form Deadlift

All About Round Back Deadlifting

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A new article all about round back deadlifting has been put on Breaking Muscle.

Deadlifting With a Rounded Back: If the Best Do It, Why Can’t You?

Bad Form Deadlift

I’m going to blow out my back…or am I?

“You’re going to CRIPPLE yourself!!!”

It’s annoying. For whatever reason, YouTube seems to be the worst place for receiving the most off-the-wall and harassing comments. Of course, not all of them are bad, but a significant portion is.

Here I am deadlifting over 500lbs. It’s not an elite weight by any means. But it’s not that bad either. At a bodyweight of about 190 right now it’s over a two and a half times bodyweight lift. I filmed this lift specifically from the side to see how much my back rounds.
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  1. I agree Logan, you have to do what is best for you and what your individual body can handle…and that comes with safe and patient experimentation over time. Great lift by the way!! I wouldn’t dare! Dead lifting’s never really been my thing…although I said the same thing about squats but now its all I do. LOL!!!

    Anyhow, hey man what is the deal with the Louis Cyr movie? How can one get to see it? I thought it was supposed to be playing in theatres. Can you give me some insight, cause I really want to see this one?

    1. Author

      Thanks Greg. I can’t find much detail on the Cyr movie. I’m thinking it was just released in Canada and we might have to wait until its on DVD to see it. 🙁

      1. WELL THAT CERTAINLY SUCKS!!!! LOL, Oh well! Thanks man!

  2. (haha more deadliftin..)

    ok 2 questions.

    1: do you suppose one reason u might lift successfully round-backed might be cause of the tension u are able to generate AND maintain during the lift? the most successful deadlifters i’ve seen tend to maintain LOTS of tension, more so than guys possibly stronger than them,thus contributing to higher strength2weight ratio in that particular lift.

    2: u mentioned having a straighter lumbar region than is usual; could it be possible then that good form in your case AND ppl with a somewhat straight-back would entail some forward flexion during deadlifts?? im no kinesiologist but would appreciate your opinion on this one, as i know of at least 2 ppl who lift possessing somewhat straight backs!

    thanx for putting this info out here, Logan. i learn alot from your stuff

    ps. the DL pic depiction(back) is quite rounded, but the vid. link is not quite so. might be confusing for some

    1. 1. Lifting a heavy weight requires a lot of tension no matter what form you do it in. And truthfully I’m not just trying to create more tension as I’m focused on the lifting itself.

      2. Possibly so.

  3. appreciate ur answers man.

    1. well I noticed some guys, when they lift, don’t exert all-out tension during say, deadlifts and either they fail the attempt or the form gets screwed up, like visibly so to an observer.

    2. ok, will keep this in mind when my pals ask for help next time..which also makes training so interesting since ppl are built so differently!!

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