Amazing Hand Balancing Video

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Here’s another video of an amazing hand balancer.

  • The video starts off with 15 straddle L presses to handstand.
  • This is followed by 10 handstand pushups, a half pirouette, then 3 more.
  • Using rotating hand balancing stands a series of elbow lever press to handstands.
  • Front and side splits (including extended).
  • One arm handstands in a variety of positions on the floor and on stands.
  • This is followed by one arm presses and hopping from hand to hand.
  • I don’t think I’ve ever seen the move at the 5:30 mark before (it has to be way harder then the straddle version)
  • A variety of walking, holds, human flag, the grand arch and much more.
  • And it ends with one of the most visually appealing hand balancing stunts.

Hand balancing is not a lost art to this individual. Thanks to Mark for sending me this video.

Good Luck and Good Hand Balancing,
Logan Christopher


  1. WOW!!! o_O That guy have some serious balancing skills!

    The video really motivated me to at least decide to work towards a free handstand!

    Thanks for sharing it Logan

  2. Very fine work. I worked on handbalancing in the 1960’s and have seen a lot of balancers. This video is A one.

    One armers take some time so don’t give up.

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