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Angus MacAskill

Angus MacAskill was one of the tallest man in history (without growth abnormalities) born in Scotland in 1825. He was officially added to the Guinness Book of Worlds Records in 1981 as the tallest man in recorded history (7ft 9in) and a man with the biggest chest measurements (80 inches!).

Angus MacAskill standing near averagely tall man

Angus MacAskill standing near averagely tall man

MacAskill started growing fast in his adolescence and by the time he turned 22 he stood 7ft 9in (2.36m) with over 500 pounds in bodyweight. Some other interesting measures include his feet (sixteen inches long and eight inches wide), shoulders width (44 inches) and palm width (8 inches).

He started experimenting with the strength he was given and was best known for lifting ship’s anchor weighing over 2,800 pounds to his chest as well as carrying two big 350 pounds barrels under his arms. His pinch strength was extraordinary too, as he could take a 100 pounds weight using only two fingers and hold it at arms length for full ten minutes.

MacAskill with a friend

MacAskill with a friend

MacAskill decided to join a circus in 1849 and tour Cuba and the West Indies. Even Queen Victoria heard all about his feats of strength and invited him to perform at Windsor Castle where she proclaimed him the strongest, the tallest and stoutest man to ever enter the palace.

After he came back from a long tour through Europe and North America, MacAskill settled at home and where he opened a general store and bought several real estate holdings. Angus MacAskill died in his sleep in 1863 from brain fever, according to his doctor.

Angus house in his homeland

Angus house in his homeland

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