Art of Motion

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As I was browsing for some interesting videos on Youtube, I ended up being glued on this one. The video is a compilation of vaults, jumps and flips done by these inhuman like individuals. I cannot help but think how in the world did they come up with this?

I quickly pulled up another tab and searched about Parkour. I read the definition and upon going through the lines, it definitely made sense. It is an alternative way to fighting. In other words, this is how you suppose to run away from danger effectively and with style.

Anyways, these individuals are showing us what we are capable of. Indeed, a lot is still to be discovered in the human physical ability. After watching the video, I now think that the world would be 5% to 10% peaceful if people would only choose to “Parkour” their way out of trouble.

I will be looking to search for more of these videos which for me, sends a positive image and a unique way to promote a trouble free environment. That’s what I call art of motion.

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