Arthur Saxon showing a one arm dumbbell swing

Arthur Saxon’s Dumbbell Swing

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Check out my newest article on Arthur Saxon’s Dumbbell Swing on Breaking Muscle.

Strongman Profile: Arthur Saxon Teaches Us the Dumbbell Swing

In the coming months I am planning to write a series of articles on some of my favorite old-time strongmen. This will include how they trained, their amazing feats of strength, exercises they used, and much more.

Arthur Saxon showing a one arm dumbbell swing

Arthur Saxon showing a one arm dumbbell swing

The first article in this series is about Arthur Saxon, the Iron Master, who lived from 1878 to 1971. Here was a man who could lift 370lbs overhead with a single arm in the bent press. This is more weight than can be lifted off the ground with two hands by the majority of the population. This lift has never been matched by anyone in over a hundred years since it occurred. Some of Saxon’s other record lifts include a one hand snatch of 200lbs, a two-handed military press of 252lbs, a jerk from behind the neck of 311lbs, and much more.

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  1. Damn good stuff, Logan… Very interesting and cool article about one of my ALL-Time favourite Strongman out there, by FAR!

    And as I told you before, I’m definitely planning to BEAT the living shit out of the “all-time” Bent Press and Two-Hands Anyhow records of The Iron Master himself… But that shit will come with time…

    That being said, you actually made an error in your writing over here, man… You say over here that Arthur Saxon died in 1971, which is not true… The Legend himself died in 1921… But I guess that it was just a type, huh?!

    Anyway, I enjoyed this article and I’m looking forward to the other articles about the rest of the Legendary Oldetime Strongmen Immortals down the line!

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