Back Lever Leg Raises

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This video shows an advanced back lever training progression. I call it back lever leg raises and it is a substitute if you don’t have a reverse hyper machine. Be forewarned that this is an advanced exercise and you’ll have to master the full back lever to some degree before you can pull it off.

This video comes from the Super Human Workshop and is just one of many front and back lever progressions, including many holds and dynamic exercises like this one, in an upcoming DVD on front and back lever training.

For back lever training I recommend doing mostly holds, as that is what the move consists of. However, I really like to finish off my workouts with a few dynamic moves like this one.

If you want to do back levers you’ll need a strong core which includes the low back and abdominals.

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  1. This exercise will be a lot more taxing if you start from a complete german hang, making it a full body raise rather than “just” a leg raise. Still, quite an impressive demonstration.

    1. I agree completely. Different variation and that one is much harder (even though this one is no piece of cake).

      1. Definitely, you may want to update that straddle back lever picture on the facebook page like you were talking about. How’s your front lever training coming along man? I am finding the jump from one leg front lever to straddle to be pretty huge. I’m about to work out, today my main exercise will be lowering to a one leg front lever from inverted hang, pulling out, then lowering to straddle back lever and pulling out for reps. Then headstand push ups, pistol squats, and probably something like pull ups and pseudo planche push ups. Should be pretty tough. I took your advice and got myself some shilajit and hydrilla, as well as a few other herbal supplements. Seems to be helping so far but I want to give it a good couple of weeks or a month or so.

        1. Author

          Its coming along. Slow but solid progress. I predict I should be able to hold it for 5 seconds or so within a couple months time. Personally I don’t like the straddle for the front lever but use a series of different one leg postures.

          Be sure to let me know how the herbs work out for you.

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