Ripped Pants

Bare Assed Squats

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The other day I was doing squats in my new power rack. I’m not built for squats but I have been enjoying them this past month or so.

As I descend to the bottom I hear a large RIP.

Unfortunately, this has happened before. I know that my boxers had just split in the back side. Oh well. I do another set or two until I’m paying attention to the boxers more than I am to squatting.

I go back inside remove the now ruined boxers and put my pants back on. Going commando.

Next set of squats. Shouldn’t be any problem without those boxers interfering. I descend. RIP.

Ripped Pants

Squats…The Detriment of Clothing Everywhere

Well, this is a first. I may have ripped my underwear before but never my pants. Curse my big butt. Maybe I need to stop doing squats, deadlifts and swings altogether.

No one was home so I continued the set even with my bare ass hanging out.

Of course, after that I switched into stretchy shorts and continued. Don’t think I’ll ever squat in none stretchy material again.

Do you have some hilarious gym stories. Write them below?

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  1. Yup, ripped my pants a few times in the gym. It was a few years back, but I was doing sumo squats in boxers, and some cotton shorts. Lets say, I was able to catch it before everyone got a glimpse of my sweet ass at the gym.

  2. I was swing my kettlebell in the back yard wearing shorts, no shirt when my older brother came over with a friend of his from work. His friend looked interested in what I was doing. My guess was he’d never seen a kettlebell before. Well, they went into the house and I finished the set, so I set the bell down and noticed a tear running from the waistline down to the leg in the front of my shorts!!

  3. Hey Logan,

    I blew out the bottoms of my pants when demoing heavy kettlebell swings to a class of about 15 students. These were pants I could kick in without trouble. HA! Luckily I had a pair of grappling shorts in my bag. I’ve noticed a lot of clothes nowadays seem to be designed for people with no leg muscles or glutes. Now I have a nice roomy pair of athletic pants from Under Armour that I wear when teaching, no worries!

    Best regards,

  4. I was doing a leg workout with a guy that weighed about 290lbs, with numbers in the range of S495,B405,D575.
    We were on deadlifts and I was trying to pull 405,which just months ago my max was 455.
    Well,a 3 week layoff in there screwed me pretty good apparently because I strained so much trying to stand up all the way and lock out that I farted really loud. ‘Course I was all ready red-faced,so I dont think that could have gone worse there. At least Shit didnt happen,just his loud stinky cousin.

  5. Glad you only showed a pic of your jeans and not a pic with you IN the jeans 🙂 Funny story

  6. I was flirting with a girl in kickboxing class while we were doing calisthenics, when we got to jogging in place, well thats when the farts started O_o

  7. I was jogging with my weighted vest, and when i stopped before going back i did a few moves like plank, stepping up on a step, and squats.
    At one point, i heard a big rip sound and sure enough, my pants were ripped hugely on my backside.
    I jogged back without problem (with extra A/C there), and if anybody noticed i never heard about it.
    At least i was wearing underwear, so it is not worse than one of those guys with the baggy jeans falling to their knees…
    But(t) yeah, rip happens! 🙂

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