Basics of Closing Grippers

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Whether it’s an Ironmind gripper, or another brand, if you step up to the heavy grippers, instead of the easy things found in most sporting goods stores, you’ll need to know a few basics to be able to close the thing.

These basics include:

  1. Which way to face the gripper, looking at the turn in the spring.
  2. Positioning the gripper against the thumb pad.
  3. Positioning the fingers low against the handle, including the pinkie only part way on.

While this doesn’t cover everything you need to know, it’s a good start that will immediately add strength to your gripper closes.

For a much deeper dive into gripper training be sure to check out Jedd Johnson’s CRUSH: Total Gripper Domination.


  1. Hello Logan,

    very valuable tips!

    I heard the interview with Pavel Tsatsouline on Tim Ferriss Podcast and started closing Grippers. In the “Greasing the Groove” Format.

    But he did not go into the setup. When I found a video of Jedd Johnson, I improved my setup and it made a big difference.

    I made all the mistakes you mentioned in this video.

    OK, one more time. Thanks for sharing the video. I’m sure it will help many viewers!
    Good luck on the way to 3.0. 🙂


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