Batman, The Joker and You

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Saw the new Batman movie this weekend, The Dark Knight. Simply amazing. And I can say Heath Ledger as the Joker is one of the best villains ever in movie history, right up there with Hannibal Lecter.

Highly recommended. In fact I’ll probably be going back to the theater to see it again this week.

What does this have to do with strength training? Both everything and nothing.

I don’t want to give away anything from the movie. But one theme is about how far are you willing to go for your what you want to accomplish.

This is something I’ve talked about before in The Strongman Manifesto. (And funny how Batman made a mention in that too but for different reasons)

You can just go through the motions or you can really go after something, even having to suffer the consequences for them.

Reading some stories about Olympic level wrestlers and about how many of them shunned anything that would get in the way of their path to glory like a social life. Even things that weren’t bad, but that were avoided because time could be better spent.

Now this path isn’t for everyone. In fact it is just for a few.

But you don’t need go to this level to see massive success in most cases.

The fact that you train as hard as you do, that you are reading this right now, means that you have more devotion than the average trainee.

I already trained today and it was a good one. My hands hurt as I type this from bending and holding onto some big weights.

But if you’ve yet to go at it, let this serve as a reminder to put every ounce of effort out there.

Make your level of intensity something that would cause even the Joker think you’re crazy.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

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