Bodyweight Squat Form

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Many people will state that bodyweight squats are a great exercise to do but what is the correct bodyweight squat form?

Here is my video that covers the basics.

Bodyweight Squat Form

The one major thing I’d like to point out is to go below parallel. Some poeple when starting out won’t be able to, but the end goal you should strive for is to squat all the way down, basically butt to heels, or as far as your body allows. There is no reason to artificially limit the range of motion like people do with a barbell squat.

Of course if you don’t have the flexibility to go all the way down yet, that is something you’ll build with time. I specifically like box squats so you have progressive distances you can work with.

The main points are to start with feet slightly outside shoulder width. Some people will be more comfortable with the feet a little closer, and others a little wider. Experiment to find what is comfortable for you.

Sit back. With this regular bodyweight squat the shins don’t come much past vertical. You should sit back instead of straight down which would have you raise up on your heels.

Keep the back flat. If you go full range it’s normal for the lower back to want to round in the bottom. This is fine as it’s an unloaded movement. That is why barbell squats are only done to parallel but here it is fine. Besides that try to keep your back straight and mostly upright. What you want to avoid is leaning over, which some people do because of lack of flexibility.

You hands can be kept out in front of you as a sort of counterbalance. They can be to your sides but must then be moved with each rep. Or they can be held out to the front.

In the coming days I’ll be covering even more on bodyweight squat form and more.

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  1. hey logan, your site and information are all awesome. and this is not to dog in anyway, but you should maybe spend a little time to work on lighting in your videos. just a recommendation, obviously your content is awesome. like the video in the upper right has just a huge shadow behind you and the video above is dark. i think it would go a long way in improving the professionalism of your vids.

    or maybe you don’t care since you are so busy with the exercising, ha! anyways its just a suggestion. take care

    1. @mike @ EEF: Thanks for the suggestion. Sometimes I do spend some time on lighting, other times not so much. I’d like to have a professional studio to do everything in but I don’t. The good content is my main goal.

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