Building a Grip Foundation

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I talk a lot about grip strength and feats of strength.


1) Because they’re fun to do.

And more importantly…

2) Because strong hands means you’re stronger overall.

My website isn’t really for beginners. I’d like to think that everyone who reads my messages is a step above the normal population especially when it comes to strength and fitness.

When the average person on the street may be puzzled when you say ‘Grip Strength’ you are not. And just by training your hands you’re are several steps above!

But where should beginners start?

And what if you have hole’s in your foundation yet you’re trying to move onto the ‘advanced’ stuff? (That can easily be a recipe for lack of progress if not outright disaster.)

There are a few people well worth listening too when it comes to hand and wrist strength. My friend, Adam Glass is one of them. He is strong, especially when it comes to grip.

Among some of his accomplishments are ripping decks of cards and phone books in a second. He lifts hundreds of pounds with a single finger. A thick horseshoe Adam bent for me lies on my shelf, far larger than the horseshoes I regularly bend.

And if you’re not quite complete without a world record Adam has one. He owns the world record in the 2″ vertical bar deadlift with a 353 lbs pull at a body weight of 204lbs.

Adam is releasing a DVD on how to build strong hands. But you can’t get it yet. First off he wants to give you a series of free videos showing you the how’s and why’s of grip strength.

At no cost it’s a no-brainer.

Go there and sign up, get the free videos, and get started.

Personally, I can’t wait to see what he has in store. And when you sign you’ll see many of these feats done with ease.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

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