Building Handstand Strength

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A great way to end any training is to work on your strength and endurance a bit. And in this instance I’m talking specifically about in the handstand.

Just kick-up against the wall and see how long you can hold it.

Not only does this help you train the position it will build strength for holding the handstand with or without the wall.

If you can do one minute you are getting somewhere.

If you can do two minutes you are doing awesome.

Anything beyond that and you may want to switch to one arm handstand holds. This will increase the resistance to build even more strength and endurance.

Wherever you’re at, every time you do this exercise again just try to add one second of time. If you fight for it, it won’t be difficult to do at all.

Whether you are doing a conventional type of workout or are just practicing your hand balancing this can be a great way to finish it off.

Good Luck and Good Hand Balancing,
Logan Christopher

P.S. Holding a handstand against the wall and balancing in the open are tow very different things. If you need help on the second check out the Secrets of the Handstand Quick Start DVD.

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