Chakra Bodybuilding Qigong by Eric Guttmann

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“Contrary to popular belief, most people do NOT have chakras, they have to be developed!”

That’s the statement my friend and Qigong master, Peter Ragnar, made during a group coaching phone call.  While this seemed to astonish the group, it got me thinking, “Well, if you have to DEVELOP the chakras, what would a Chakra Bodybuilding Qigong look like?”

While I had a basic idea of where the chakras were I decided to look them up and could see that there are 7 recognized chakras within the body.  (There are more chakras outside the body which I have also incorporated into my practice, but for now we will stick to the seven within the body)

1.    Perineum
2.    Below the Navel
3.    Solar Plexus
4.    Heart
5.    Throat
6.    Third Eye
7.    Crown of the Head


My initial thought was to begin by focusing on placing my hands close to the Chakras and then using the energy of the chakra combined with the inhale and exhale to move my hands.  On the inhale I would draw power into the specific chakra from the ground and on the exhale I would “push” my hands out using only the energy of the chakra.  That would be one “rep”.

Then I started to add 5lb Thunderballs with a magnet in the middle that Peter makes for one of his qigong practices.  I held on to the 5lb Thunderballs in each hand and then “pushed” them away with the energy I was pumping up from the floor and into the chakra and then out of my body.

I would do sets of 3, 6, or 9 reps per chakra based on the time I had to practice.  I would do the first “set” with the Thunderballs and the following “sets” without the thunderballs.  You can really feel a difference!

Later on while I was engaged in this practice I had a chance to read Luanne Oakes book Sound Health, Sound Wealth in which she states that each chakra has a particular tone and color.  To simplify things I adopted the following tone and color scheme:

1. Perineum Do Red
2. Below the Navel Re Orange
3. Solar Plexus Mi Yellow
4. Heart Fa Green
5. Throat Sol Blue
6. Third Eye La Indigo
7. Crown of the Head Ti Violet

So I started to vocalize the tone while I “pushed” my hands away with the energy I was drawing up from the ground and “contracting” out with my chakra.  Thus the Chakra Bodybuilding Qigong evolved into the Light and Sound Qigong but the end result was still the same.

Nowadays I do a variation where I first tonify my pineal gland using a very specific sound and vibration, then I do the 6 Healing Sounds to tonify my internal organs, then I run the DO-RE-MI to tonify and tune my chakras, and finally I focus on my endocrine glands and fill them with light until they tingle as I visualize a specific symbol that is associated with regeneration, because I noticed another relationship:

1. Perineum Do Red Sexual Organs
2. Below the Navel Re Orange Adrenals
3. Solar Plexus Mi Yellow Pancreas
4. Heart Fa Green Thymus
5. Throat Sol Blue Thyroid
6. Third Eye La Indigo Pituitary
7. Crown of the Head Ti Violet Pineal

When I do this my whole body tingles and is completely tuned.  It provides for a great start to my day, allows me to enjoy more of life, am convinced it heals the body from within and elongates my life, and prepares me for my deeper meditations and energy practices, but that’s another article…

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